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Aaneta Mermaid Large Satchel Aaneta Mermaid Large Satchel
The Aaneta Mermaid tote is a chic, everyday bag with a classic profile and gold accents. High-qualit
Aaneta Clota Messenger Bag Aaneta Clota Messenger Bag
The Aaneta Clota Messenger Bag is a luxurious way to make sure all your valuables get from point A t
Aaneta Galana Satchel Aaneta Galana Satchel
Aaneta Galana Satchel
Aaneta Galana Medium Satchel
Aaneta Galana Medium Satchel
Aaneta Piano Satchel
Aaneta Piano Satchel
Aaneta Martina Small Tote
For gorgeous nautical style that doesn't go overboard, Aaneta's Martina tote can't be beat! The supe
Aaneta Wave Mini Tote
Beautiful for everyday work wear, the Aaneta Wave mini-tote features high-quality leather in deep ch
Aaneta Lucky Clutch
Aaneta's Lucky clutch is a sassy bag for day or evening. Its chic weathered leather, braid strap c
Aaneta Muddy Medium
Made in Uruguay of the finest leather, the sophisticated and refined Muddy from Aaneta is perfect fo
Aaneta Muddy Large Satchel
The Aaneta Muddy Large Hobo is a bold and fashionable accessory. Made from luxurious high-quality le