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Dolce Vita Women's Cyprus-1 Sandal Dolce Vita Women's Cyprus-1 Sandal
The Dolce Vita Cyprus-1 sandal offers show-stopping glamour in an elegant dress sandal design. The s
Dolce Vita Women's Tahiti-58 Wedge Dolce Vita Women's Tahiti-58 Wedge
The Dolce Vita Tahiti-58 wedge offers a comfortable sandal fit with the glamour of a wedge to create
Dolce Vita Women's Bali-1 Sandal Dolce Vita Women's Bali-1 Sandal
Elegant lines and glamorous appeal combine in the Dolce Vita Bali-1 sandal. The leather upper gracef
Dolce Vita Women's Athens-42 Sandal
The Athens-42 sandal by Dolce Vita offers subtle elegance to casual wear and summer dresses. The sna
Dolce Vita Women's Aegean-25 Sandal
The Aegean-25 sandal by Dolce Vita is a glamorous warm-weather shoe ready to add sparkle to city str
Dolce Vita Women's Cyprus-4 Sandal
Whether you're wrapped in a toga, swirling a peasant dress, or exploring a new city in a linen suit,
Dolce Vita Women's Cyprus-3 Sandal
The Dolce Vita Cyprus-3 sandal offers a simple form but sophisticated design, creating a pretty casu
Dolce Vita Women's Bermuda-39 Sandal
The Dolce Vita Bermuda-39 sandal takes a comfortable casual sandal style for a glamorous walk on the
Dolce Vita Women's Athens-40 Sandal
The Athens-40 sandal by Dolce Vita is a glamorous little slip-on shoe with an eye-catchingly sophist
Dolce Vita Women's Moritz-36 Flat
Add a little flash to your wardrobe with this on-trend flat that's anything but average. The Moritz-
Dolce Vita Women's Athens-39 Sandal
The shimmering and elegantly simple Athens-39 sandal by Dolce Vita is perfect with a little black dr
Dolce Vita Women's Cabana-1 Sandal
The Dolce Vita Cabana-1 sandal is pretty enough for fun summer wear or a night on the town, but with
Dolce Vita Women's Aegean-21 Sandal
Live the sweet life in this sumptuous sandal from Dolce Vita. The Aegean-21 Sandal showcases luxurio